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Step 3 ~ Attracting the Employer’s Attention
Your cover letter should contain these four key sections:
1. Contact Information:
Address your letter to a specific person if at all possible.
Ensure their name and title are spelled correctly.
Research or call the company to find out who is the key person
in charge of the department that might hire you.
2. Introduction (first paragraph):
You only have a few seconds to wow the reader of your cover letter,
so do not waste this oportunity spark the employer’s interest, provide
NEVER focus on how
information about why you be an asset to the company and
you will benefit from being
demonstrate how you would be a great fit for the role. With hundreds
of applicants competing against you, it is necessary for you to stand
ALWAYS focus on how
out from the crowd right away.
the company will benefit if
they hire you.
State the specific position you are applying for.
Generate the reader’s interest by noting:
you have been referred by a mutual contact
your research into their company
how you can add value to their company
Explain why you are interested in the company or the particular
End with a summary sentence of what makes you a strong
Sample introduction
While researching Frito Lay Canada I came across an article in Business
in Vancouver and was impressed to learn about your company’s
commitment and recent efforts to eliminating trans fats from your
products. I also had the opportunity to speak with Jane Smith at the
Business Career Expo about the number of community outreach
programs Frito Lay supports. These initiatives, along with the fact that I
have spent many of my university study nights with your family of
snacks, and my high involvement in the community are the reasons that I
am excited about promoting the Frito Lay Brand as a summer Sales
3. Body of Letter (middle paragraphs):
In the body of the letter, clearly identify that you have the specific
skills that the employer or specific position requires.
Highlight only your qualifications, which are related to that job.
Give SPECIFIC EXAMPLES of your skills.
E f f e c t i v e C o v e r L e t t e r s
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