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State or illustrate specific product, company and industry
Use ACTION VERBS when summarizing your experience, skills,
and qualifications (refer to the ‘Transferable Skills’ section in the
“Professional Business Resumes” career management guide).
Limit the use of the word “I”. You are focusing on meeting the
employer’s needs, not your own.
Be sure to use the
technical language
Eliminate unnecessary words; be concise.
of the career / industry
Avoid any negative language.
you are targeting.
Focus on what you can do for the employer; avoid focusing on
what you want or what you can gain.
The body of your cover letter can either be written in full sentences
(paragraph form), or you can include bulleted points. If you choose to
do bullets, the sentence leading up to it will be some form of
transition into the bullets, which should address your qualifications
and key skills. Examples of both styles can be found in the “Sample
Letters” section of this guide.
Sample body
Currently, I am pursuing my third year of a Bachelor of Business
Administration Degree at Simon Fraser University majoring in marketing.
My combined four years of work experience through university and high
school has focused on providing the best customer service. I have
developed a strong ability to assess customer needs and offer products
or services to suit those needs, resulting in a history of increased sales
for my employers through both increasing customer retention and
bringing on new clients.
I have an appetite for challenging situations and have a proven record of
exceeding expectations. In my current position at National Bank
Financial, I doubled the target number of new clients within the first four
weeks on the job. I have a similar record of achievement as a Sales
Representative for College Pro Painting where I independently brought
on board 10 painters and managed the team to complete 25 painting
contracts to a 100% satisfaction level for each customer.
4. Ending of Letter (last paragraph):
Summarize what makes you a strong candidate.
Reaffirm your interest in working for that company.
State your appreciation to the reader for reviewing your resume.
Optional: Indicate what you will be doing in terms of follow-up (it
is ideal if you are the one doing the follow-up).
E f f e c t i v e C o v e r L e t t e r s
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