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Sample ending
I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss how my background of
building positive relationships with clients and my high level of energy
and enthusiasm is a good fit with your philosophy of hiring the “best
ingredients” as your employees. Thank you for your consideration of my
application. I will call you next Thursday to follow up in regards to the
status of my application.
Follow up
As an optional part of your last paragraph, you can indicate when you will
follow up with the employer. This is appropriate if you have the contact
person’s phone number and feel comfortable engaging with employers
this way. If you indicate that you will follow up, make sure you do so! Be
aware that not all recruiters and industries want you to contact them for a
follow up to your application.
A phone follow up is ideal. Be prepared to make a positive impression,
and avoid the typical question “I would like to follow up on the status of
my application.” Instead, ask general questions about the recruiting
process. You can say “I recently submitted my application for the
Business Analyst position with your IT Transformations department. I
wanted to make sure you received it, and also ask about when you are
expecting to shortlist candidates for the first interview.”
Creating a Professional Image
Your cover letter needs to create a positive first impression. Here are some of the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” to think of
when creating your cover letter.
Ensure there are no typing, spelling or grammar mistakes
Edit carefully for SPELLING
Have a well-organized layout; headings and text properly
aligned; formatting consistent throughout
Even 1 error can eliminate
Use a professional font that is easy to read and no smaller than
your application!
10 point
Ensure your cover letter is single spaced, and write in full
sentences or include bulleted points
Have sufficient white space around the text so recruiters can
write comments. Margins of 0.75” – 1.0” are preferred
Avoid using attention-getting gimmicks. Your abilities and
presentation should sell themselves
Save your cover letter as “Lastname_Firstname_coverletter.doc”
Use the same letterhead so it matches your resume
Print your cover letter on the same paper as your resume;
preferably light coloured, plain bond paper
E f f e c t i v e C o v e r L e t t e r s
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