Creative Area Poster Template


A variety of mark making equipment,
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Knowledge and Understanding of the World
including chalk, paint, wax crayons,
Select and use activities and resources
Investigate objects and materials using all their
charcoal, pencils, sponges, rollers,
senses as appropriate
colouring pens
Understand that people have different needs,
Look closely at similarities, differences,
views, cultures and beliefs that need o be treated
patterns and change
Templates and stencils
with respect
Build and construct with a wide range of
Understand that they can expect others to treat
objects, selecting appropriate resources and
Different coloured paper and card
their needs, views, cultures and beliefs with
adapting their work as necessary
Select the tools and techniques they need to
A variety of different materials,
shape, assemble and join materials they are
including bubble wrap, fabric, foam,
card, paper, foil etc.
Creative Development
Scissors, glue etc.
Explore colour, texture, shape, form and space in
2 and 3 dimensions
Sequins, buttons, stickers etc.
Use imagination in art and design
Respond in a variety of ways to what they see,
hear, smell, touch and feel
Express and communicate ideas, thoughts and
feelings by using a widening range of materials,
suitable tools, designing and making etc.
Names of colours
Names of art and craft equipment:
paper, pens, glue etc.
Names of art and craft techniques, as
appropriate: papier maché, mosaic,
collage etc.


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