Emergency Plan Checklist Template


emergency plan
Buttoned Up.
Putting together an emergency plan doesn’t have to take a long time. Simply take a few minutes each
night this week to follow the steps in the checklist below. Don’t worry if you can’t complete something
all in one go. Commit to doing 5-10 minutes an evening, and by the end of the week you’ll be amazed
at what you’ve been able to accomplish. More importantly, you’ll be organized where it counts.
emergency plan checklist
Day : Organize your emergency plan
Step one is to identify a person that all family members can contact in the
event you are separated. Ideally pick one contact who lives in the same state
and another who lives out of state. Write down all of their information so you
have it ready to share with family members.
Step two, pick two meeting places for the family in case you are separated.
The first should be close to home, the second further away or out of state.
Go online and look up the evacuation routes for your area. You will want to
know this ahead of time so you know what your options are in the event an
evacuation is necessary.
Day : Document your valuables
Grab a video camera, camera, or if you have neither of those—a piece of
paper and pen. Go from room to room and carefully document everything
that you have of value in each room. Think furniture, rugs, electronics,
paintings, collectibles, jewelry, and clothes.
Write down the likely replacement value for each item and add up the total.
Individually your things may not be worth a lot, but collectively they probably are.
Give your video, photos or list to someone who does not live with you, such
as a family member, lawyer or accountant.
Day : Get your records ready
Fill out a Life.doc or designate 4 different folders in a filing cabinet for
keeping the following information: financial accounts, insurance policies,
medical documents, and legal documents.
Day : Organize your emergency kit
Put water, canned food, cash and a first aid kit in a waterproof box. Make sure
you have enough of each to last every member of the household for 5 days.
Day : Hold a state of the union with your family—approx 30 min
Program emergency contacts into everyone’s cell phones and computers.
Walk through the emergency plan together, let everyone know where to find
the emergency kit, where to locate important information, and who has the
documentation on the household valuables.


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