Form .2011a - Visa Application Form Of The People'S Republic Of China

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Form V.2011A
中 华 人 民 共 和 国 签 证 申 请 表
Visa Application Form of the People’s Republic of China
有更多需要声明事项,请附另纸说明。Applicant should fill out this form truly and completely. Please type your answer
in capital English letters in the space provided or cross the appropriate box to select. If there is more information to declare,
please type on a separate sheet.
V.2011B)。If you are applying to work or study in China, or if someone else travelling with you shares the same passport, or
if you are applying for a visa in a country or territory other than the country of your current nationality, you should fill out
the Supplementary Visa Application Form(Form V.2011B).
一、个人信息 Section 1: Personal information
姓 Surname:
1.2 性别
□ 男 M
1.1 英文姓名
□ 女 F
Full English
照片 / Photo
名 Given name:
name as in
请 将 1 张 近 期 正 面 免
1.3 中文姓名(如有,请用汉字)
Name in Chinese character (if
Please affix one recent
1.4 别名或曾用名
identical color photo
Other names you are, or
( full face
front view
unmounted and against a
have been known by
plain light background ).
1.5 用本国语言书写的名字
Name in ethnic script
1.6 现有国籍
1.7 曾有国籍
Current nationality
Former nationality
1.9 出生日期
1.8 同时具有的国籍
Date of birth
Other nationality(ies)
1.10 出生地点(国、省/市)
1.11 当地身份证号码
Place of birth (city,
Local ID card number
province/state, country)
□ 已婚 Married
□ 未婚 Never Married
□ 离婚 Divorced
1.12 婚姻状况
□丧偶 Widowed
□ 其他(请说明)Other (Please specify):
Marital status
□ 政府官员 Government official
□ 商人 Businessman
□ 新闻从业人员 Staff of media
□ 公司职员 Company employee
□ 宗教人士 Religious worker
□ 教师 Teacher
1.13 当前职业
□ 现役军人 Active duty military personnel
□ 学生 Student
□ 退休 Retired
□ 家庭主妇 Housewife
□ 乘务人员 Crew member
□ 无业 Unemployed
□ 国会议员 Member of national parliament
□ 其他(请说明) Other (Please specify):
□ 外交 Diplomatic
□ 公务、官员 Service or official
1.14 护照种类
□ 普通 Ordinary
Passport type
□ 其他证件(请说明) Other (Please specify):
1.15 护照号码
1.16 签发日期
Date of issue
1.17 签发地点(省/市及国家)
1.18 失效日期
Place of issue (city,
Expiration date
province/state, country)
1.19 办理签证通常需要 4 个工作日。如需加急,
□ 普通(4 个工作日) Regular for 4 working days;
请注明,但须另外缴费。Normally visa processing
□ 加急(2-3 个工作日) Express for 2-3 working days;
takes 4 working days. Extra fees are charged for
□ 特急 Rush for 1 working day.
express or rush service.
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