Credit Processing Form


net 30 terms
policies and procedures
qualifying for net 30
After the third wholesale order is placed, customers may apply
for Net 30 Terms. Upon approval terms may be applied
towards your 4th order.
submitting credit reference forms
Credit Reference Forms may be faxed to 877-772-7292
upon completion. Your form must include a PAPAYA!
Credit Processing Form (included in this packet) and four
credit references in order to be processed. Credit
references must include a fax number for the reference.
net 30 payments
payments by check
Payments by check are to be received by
PAPAYA! on or before the 30th day from the
invoice date.
payments by credit card
Net 30 payments by credit card will incur a
processing fee of 3.5% of the balance due. Fees will
be added to the invoice balance being satisfied by the
credit card.


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