Invitation Letter From Company In China Template


Invitation Letter From Company In China
Mr. / Mrs. Foreign Visitor:
We at (Chinese Company) would like to extend our invitation for Mr. / Mrs. Foreign
Traveler to visit our company in China. We will discuss business opportunities and
we will give him / her a tour of the factory and o ce.
Sales Manager Name, Position
Chinese Company Address, Corporate Seal
For business visas, applicants will no longer need to present detailed ight and hotel itineraries
as part of their application. You will also no longer need to submit a China Invitation Letter for
China visa or Chinese Invitation Letter to China visa from an authorized Chinese government
agency (such as the Foreign A airs O ce of a local city or province). An invitation from a Chinese
company or from the Chinese o ce of an international company is still required.
The business invitation letter should be issued by the Chinese educational institution, government
agency, or Chinese company. If the invitation is from or on behalf of an international company with
a liates in China, it should be issued by the Chinese o ce of that company.


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