Checklist For Dual Nationals/pakistan Origin & Over 18 Children Of Dual Nationals


Checklist for Dual Nationals/Pakistan Origin
& Over 18 children of Dual nationals
when completed
1 Completed Visa Form
2 Two recent passport sized photos (White Background)
3 Applicants’ UK passport - Along with copy
4 Applicant’s (Valid/expired/cancelled) Pakistani passport and
NICOP/CNIC - Along with copy.
(Over 18 children of dual nationals not holding their own IDs
are required to provide one of their parents original
valid/expired Pakistani passport/NICOP/CNIC card alongwith
original full Birth Certificate (with copy) showing both parents
5 Proof of address of the applicant
Utility bill, driving licence or council tax bill etc.
You may wish to provide any additional relevant documentation which you feel will assist you in
obtaining a visa to Pakistan.
1. The discounted visa fee is not applicable to over 18 children of dual nationals unless they are having
their own Pakistan passport.
2. Discount of visa fee is for those applicants holding their own valid or expired original Pakistani
passport issued after 01/01/1975 of the exact matching particulars (i.e. Name, Date of Birth, Place of
Birth etc) as on the British Passport. Additional names, inclusion or omission of middle names on
either passport not accepted for discount. Also not available if applying with a NICOP/CNIC card.
3. Under 18 applicants not holding their own or parents’ Pakistani Identification are required to provide a
sponsor/invitation letter or their name be included on a family or group invitation letter.
4. Discount is not available on CANCELLED, DENOUNCED OR RESTRICRED ** Pakistani passport. Discount
also not available if visa applied with a NICOP/CNIC card only.
**Any passport issued for less than 5 years for any reason(s) falls under the restricted category.
Name of Applicant:
/ 20
Applicant Siganture:
Or name & signature of person submitting on behalf of applicant.
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