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DATE: ______________________________________
ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________ APT#: ____________
Dear Locators LTD:
You are hereby advised the undersigned, and all those residing at the same address will vacate the
premises located at:
_____________________________________________ on _____________________________________
The date given above is a definite vacating date. You are hereby authorized to show the premises to
prospective tenants by appointment by calling (Phone #) ______________________________________
(If no number is inserted, we will use the key without an appointment.)
I understand that giving this notice does not relieve me of my liability that I have under my present
lease. (If lease period is not fulfilled, tenant is responsible for expenses involved in renting the property.
This includes advertising, finder’s fee*, rent, utilities, and property maintenance of grass cutting and
snow removal until the end of the lease or until a new tenant takes possession.) Note: during the winter
months of November 1
thru March 31
, a 60 day notice is required as stated on your lease.
I am an ACH Rent withdrawal. Please stop my ACH withdrawal as of (Date) ______________
Signature of Lessee
Print Name
*Finder fee is a fee charged by Locators LTD for the process of showing and procuring a new tenant to
relieve you of any future responsibility to said lease. Finder Fee not to equal more than 1 month’s rent.
_________ Initials if ACH is checked. Please give copy of this form to Accounting


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