Weekly Sleep Log Template


Weekly Sleep Log
Print out and ll in the sleep log each day for
one to two weeks. Keep your answers brief,
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
but be as speci c as possible.
The quality of your sleep last night:
Time you went to bed last night:
Time you started your day today:
On a scale of 1 to 10 (10=poorly),
how well did you sleep?
How long did it take to fall asleep?
Total amount of time you slept:
Describe the quality of your sleep that night.
(Frequent waking? Deep sleep?)
If you woke up during the night, how often?
About what time(s)?
Describe what woke you each time.
(For example: worry, physical discomfort,
sweating, need to go to bathroom, etc.)
Were you able to fall back asleep?
If not, about how long did you remain awake?
Were you snoring, kicking, or tossing and
turning during sleep? (Ask your bed partner.)
Did you feel your breathing stop or a
choking sensation?
The day after...
On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 = poorly) how well could
you pursue the day’s activities?
Did you feel well rested when you started the day?
Briefly describe your energy level,
sleepiness, and ability to get work done.
Did you need to take a nap? If yes, what time?
Did you...
Experience any difficulties/stress during the day?
Eat close to bedtime? If so, as what time?
Fairly heavy meal? Just a snack?
Drink beverage containing alcohol or caffeine?
If yes, at what time? How many cups or glasses?
Take any medications or drugs that evening?
If yes, which ones? If yes, at what time?
Did you smoke? If yes, at what time?
How many cigarettes or cigars?


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