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City of Sumner
Pre-Application Review
1104 Maple ST Suite 250
Sumner WA 98390
Phone (253) 299-5530
Fax (253) 299-5539
Date:___________________________ PRE:___________________________________
Welcome to pre-application review. This process is intended to provide you with quality information about the
City’s regulation and requirements. As A rule, the better the information you provide us, the better the information
we can provide you.
You may request pre-application review at any time prior to submitting a permit. Applicants for projects which
require SEPA or design review must complete pre-application review before a Land Use Permit application. In this
case, you probably will not have the amount of detail as a fully designed project. We encourage you to provide as
much of the information on the back of this sheet as possible.
Applicants are also encouraged to go through pre-application review prior to submitting for commercial and
multifamily building permits. In this case, details about construction and site design are critical. It is required that
you provide all the information on the back of this sheet. You may use the list on the back as a checklist to make sure
you have all the information. We look forward to working with you on your project.
Project Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
Legal Description: _____________________________________________________________________________
Parcel # / Range, Town, Qtr, Subdivision, Lot #
Use: __________________________________________________________ Valuation: _____________________
Property Owner: _______________________________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________ Mobile: _______________ Fax: _______________ Email: _______________________
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
Contact Person: _______________________________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________ Mobile: _______________ Fax: _______________ Email: _______________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________________
Project Description:
Submittal deadline for the preliminary site plan application is 5:00 p.m. Thursday. Applicants must submit four
copies of the site plan and supporting information. Site plan review will be scheduled for the following Thursday at
8:30 a.m. by the Pre-application Review Committee. Applicants will receive in the mail a copy of the Committee’s
comments from the meeting. If you have questions concerning your project, please feel free to call the Permit
Center at 299 5530


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