Technology, Production, And Costs Practice Problems Microeconomics Worksheet


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Technology, Production, and Costs Practice Problems
1. The processes a firm uses to turn inputs into outputs of goods and services is called
A) technology.
B) technological change.
C) marginal analysis.
D) positive economic analysis.
2. A firm has successfully adopted a positive technological change when
A) it can produce more output using the same inputs.
B) it produces less pollution in its production process.
C) can pay its workers less yet increase its output.
D) it sees an increase in worker productivity.
3. Which of the following is not a source of technological advancement for a producer?
A) better trained workers
B) more efficient physical capital
C) higher skill level of managers
D) outsourcing some aspect of production
4. Which of the following statements best describes the economic short run?
A) It is a period of one year or less.
B) It is a period during which firms are free to vary all of their inputs.
C) It is a period during which at least one of the firm's inputs is fixed.
D) It is a period during which fixed inputs become variable inputs because of depreciation.
5. A characteristic of the long run is
A) there are fixed inputs.
B) all inputs can be varied.
C) plant capacity cannot be increased or decreased.
D) there are both fixed and variable inputs
6. In the long run which of the following is true?
A) Total cost = fixed cost + variable cost.
B) The size of a firm's physical plant can be changed but the firm cannot adopt new technology.
C) There are no fixed costs.
D) The firm can vary its explicit costs but not its implicit costs.


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