Bonding Concepts Worksheet - Unit 8/9, Michalek


AP Chemistry - Michalek
Unit 08 Bonding Concepts
Unit 8/9: Bonding Concepts
Last revised: June 15, 2011
One is almost tempted to say... at last I can almost see a bond. But that will never be, for a bond does
not really exist at all: it is a most convenient fiction which, as we have seen, is convenient both to
experimental and theoretical chemists.”
You should be able to:
Differentiate between ionic, covalent, and metallic bonds.
Use Coulomb’s Law to find the energy of interactions between a pair of ions
Explain why electronegativites are important to bond polarities
Explain how charges effect ionic electrostatic forces
Define isoelectronic ion
Explain the energy needed to make a binary ionic compound from its elements
Calculate the lattice energy
Explain the ionic character of covalent compounds
Calculate ΔH from bond energies
Describe the localized electron model
Draw lewis dot structures
o Explain the octet rule
o Know exceptions to the octet rule
o Show resonance structures
o Write formal charges
o Name VSEPR shapes
Describe the differences in single, double, and triple bonds
o Length
o Strength
o Bonding
8.1 Types of Chemical Bonds
Read and outline 8.1
Bond Energy
Ionic Bonding
Ionic Compound
Coulomb’s Law
Bond Length


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