Corrective Action Plan Template And Instructions Page 5


and the final decision should be documented in the State’s Corrective Action Plans submitted to
CMS. Be sure to:
 Address all identified errors including deficiencies, technical errors, and
eligibility active and negative case errors
 Include the specific error causes being targeted,
 Include the expected results- listing expected due dates for resolving the causes of
 Describe the plan to monitor implementation of the corrective action
 Specify the name and title of the person who has overall responsibility for the
4. Implementation and Monitoring: Describe and develop an implementation schedule for
each corrective action initiative whether it is statewide or just in certain geographical areas. The
implementation schedule must identity major tasks, key personnel or components responsible for
each activity, and a timeline for each action including target implementation dates, milestones,
and the monitoring process. Describe a systematic approach for tracking and reporting the status
of the corrective actions to successful closure and implementation.
5. Evaluation: Describe how your State plans to evaluate the effectiveness of the corrective
action by assessing improvements in operations, efficiencies, number of errors, and improper
payments. Describe your State’s systematic approach for tracking and reporting on results of the
corrective actions.
 States should provide an overall discussion of your State’s ability to meet the PERM
Medicaid and CHIP error rate targets identified by CMS in your State Medicaid and
CHIP error rate notifications.


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