Summer Math Worksheet - 6th Grade, St. Michael'S Episcopal School, 2016


St. Michael’s Episcopal School
Summer Math
for rising 6
grade students
Students entering Sixth Grade should have mastered all basic facts, understand and identify
place values to hundred thousandths, and be proficient in adding, subtracting and multiplying
decimals and fractions.
To maintain skills through the summer, students are expected to complete the attached review
problems, showing all work. The summer skills packet will be collected on the first day of
school and graded.
Students are also encouraged to use math throughout the summer. Suggested activities
*Play games with other people. Board games such as Monopoly, checkers and chess require
logic and/or math skills. Set, 24, Sudoku, and many card games require logic and strategy.
*Worksheets, computer games, and word problems that require students to add, subtract,
multiply, and divide without a calculator provide needed practice. Include operations with
fractions and decimals.
*Real life situations often require math. Measuring and adjusting recipes, figuring a checkbook,
determining a trip’s costs and mileage are all opportunities to use math. Compare the costs of
driving or flying for a vacation trip. Graph swim times or the price of gasoline each week.
Determine tips, change and taxes on purchases.


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