Cell Phone Problem Worksheets


Cell Phone Problem
Pay-2-Much Wireless wants its customers to purchase a phone
plan that will generate the most revenue for the company.
Customers want to pick the most economical plan to meet
their needs.
You are a customer-advocate mathematician. Three of your
friends have asked for your help in selecting the best plan for
each of their needs. Below are the three plans that Pay-2-
Much Wireless provides before tax.
Economy Plan
Talker Plan
Monthly Service
Charge **
Per Minute Rate
No Charge
** The Monthly charge does not include any airtime.
Here’s the projected cellular phone airtime use for each of your
 Your friend Quinterra will need to average 700 minutes of
airtime per month.
 Your friend Yancey will need on average 160 minutes of airtime
per month
 Your friend Ashley will need on average 40 minutes of airtime per
Using the multiple-way (Graphs, numbers, words, and symbols/equations),
recommend which of the three plans your friends should subscribe to. You must
support your recommendations with the mathematical information from your
Created by UCLA Department of Math and Teaching – modified by Nicole Kim


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