Real Life Fractions 1 Math Worksheet With Answers


Real Life Fractions 1
1. A pizza has been divided into 8 equal slices. Harry eats a quarter of
the pizza, and Arthur eats half of the pizza, how many slices are left?
2. Baket the Egyptian embalmer had 16 slaves to mummify.
Unfortunately he only managed to mummify a quarter of them before
the rest rotted. How many slaves were preserved?
3. Pokemon cards are on special offer, they normally cost £1.50 per
packet but have been reduced to half price. How much will a packet
cost now?
4. If ¼ of a packet of Jelly Babies is 7 sweets, how many are there in a
whole packet?
5. If Sally has ½ of a chocolate bar, and Sam has a ¼ of the same
chocolate bar, who has the most chocolate, Sally or Sam?
6. Paul had 60p, but he spent 40p. What fraction of his money did he
7. A large chocolate cake weighs 800g.How much does half of the cake
8. How much does ¾ of the chocolate cake weigh?


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