Sample Letter Of Explanation Of The Felony On Employment Application


Employer’s   N ame  
Employer’s   A ddress    
Your   N ame  
Denver,   C O   Z ip   c ode  
Dear   M r./Ms./Mrs.   S mith,    
Please   a ccept   t his   l etter   o f   e xplanation   r egarding   t he   f elony   c onviction   o n   m y   E mployment   A pplication.  
Due   t o   t he   c onfidentiality   o f   t his   i nformation   a nd   t he   e mbarrassment   t hat   I   f eel   o ver   m y   p ast   m istake,   I  
very   m uch   w ant   a n   o pportunity   t o   e xplain   m y   ( past/   n on-­‐violent   i nfraction)   t o   y ou   i n   p erson.    
I   d o   b elieve   i f   g iven   t he   o pportunity   t o   w ork   f or   y our   c ompany,   i t   w ould   b e   a   p ositive   e xperience  
because   I   h ave   t he   s kills   a nd   q ualifications   y ou   r equire,   a nd   i t   w ould   b e   a n   o pportunity   t o   p ursue   w ork  
that   I ’m   p assionate   a bout.  
I'm   s ure   y ou   h ave   r eservations   a bout   c onsidering   h iring   a n   e x-­‐felon,   a nd   r ightfully   s o.     I f   y ou   w ould   l ike  
added   r eassurance,   t he   U .S.   D epartment   o f   L abor,   a t   n o   e xpense   t o   y ou,   i s   w illing   t o   p ost   a   $ 5,000  
Fidelity   B ond   w ith   y ou,   o n   m y   b ehalf.     A dditionally,   t he   I .R.S.   o ffers   a   o ne-­‐time   t ax   $ 2,400   c redit   t o  
employers   w ho   h ire   a n   e x-­‐felon.  
Whatever   y our   d ecision,   I   t hank   y ou   f or   y our   t ime   a nd   c onsideration.  
First   a nd   L ast   N ame    
Phone   N umber    


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