Probability And Statistics Worksheets


and Statistics
T H E M E : Sports
hen the Cubs send their right-handed power hitter to the plate in the
ninth inning, the Mets counter with a left-handed pitcher. Why? The
manager of the Mets is simply “playing the odds.”
Since its inception, baseball has kept meticulous records. By studying the data,
managers, players, announcers, and fans use the concepts of probability and
chance to make predictions. Today, players and managers use computers and
calculators to record and analyze data. They know that the more effectively
they use statistics and probability, the better they will do their jobs.
Team Dietitians
(page 391) plan meals and nutritional plans for
athletes. They use their knowledge of nutrition to help team members
maintain overall health, muscle health, and bone strength.
Physical Therapists
(page 411) determine exercises to strengthen
muscles after injuries. Through specially designed exercise programs, they
improve mobility, relieve
pain, and reduce injuries.


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