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Parent To-Do List
Before School Starts:
Locate map of school on school website/Request school map
Request to tour the school campus
Connect with classroom teacher to meet and review classroom set-up (Bring
tools to class and locate an area to store them within the classroom)
Plan a time with classroom teacher to set up student’s desk prior to first day of
Confirm large print texts have been delivered
Provide student information to classroom teacher
After Start of School – 2 weeks:
Meet with each service provider to review IEP goals
Confirm that staff is aware of student needs (ex: lunch supervisors know that
student can wear sunglasses / hat in lunch room)
Provide extra sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, cane… to school nurse or classroom
teacher for emergency events
After Start of School – 1 month:
Request observation of classroom set-up by TVI
Request observation of PE, Music, other extracurricular class set-up by TVI and
One Month Prior to State Testing:
 Learn about the state testing schedule at your child’s school.
 Collaborate with your child’s TVI / Case Manager to ensure that all testing
materials have been received and online testing settings have been confirmed.
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