Sample Letter To Neighbors Template


Sample Letter to Neighbors
Dear XX:
Effective DATE, XX hospital will take a proactive step to implement a tobacco-free
policy on all our campuses. This includes the prohibition of smoking or tobacco use in
all buildings, parking lots, garages and on all grounds. This tobacco–free policy will
apply to all patients, visitors, vendors, medical staff and employees.
As a health care organization, XX hospital’s primary mission is to protect the health of
those in our community, while promoting a culture of healthy living. We are not asking
employees to stop smoking or using tobacco. However, we are requiring them to refrain
from tobacco use while on our campus. XX hospital has developed some programs to
assist employees and patients who choose to quit using tobacco as well as programs to
help them work in a tobacco-free environment.
We have talked with employees about possible neighborhood concerns and are confident
that most people will exercise consideration of you and your property. Though we do not
endorse it, some employees may choose to leave the hospital property to smoke. If any
behaviors become a problem for you, please contact me at the number below.
We appreciate your help and support as we implement this important policy.
Administration champion or CEO
Sample Letter to Neighbors


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