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Get your wedding planning sorted with this easy to use checklist. Make planning your wedding easy and hassle free by counting down the
months to your perfect wedding day!
o Book your caterers and decide on
o Buy your wedding rings
your menu
o Book your honeymoon
o Set your budget
o Start looking at wedding dresses and
o Book your wedding night
o Choose and book your wedding
work out what you like
o Choose readings, poems and hymns
o Set your date!
o Agree your order of service with your
o Put together your guest list
vicar or registrar
o Decide on a church or civil
o Book extra entertainment such as a
o Set up your gift list
magician or fireworks
o Start writing your vows
o Book your church or registrar
o Choose and book your florist
o Arrange a marquee if you need one
o Choose and book your cakemaker
o Take out wedding insurance
o Start shopping for your wedding
dress and get it ordered!
o Send out invitations
o Buy your shoes, underwear and
o Have your dress fittings
o Choose bridesmaids, best man and
o Start wearing in your shoes at home
o Order or start making your wedding
o Buy gifts for your bridal party
o Send out your Save the Date cards
o Write speeches
o Book hair and make-up
o Choose and book your
o Trim your hair (nothing drastic!) and
photographer and videographer
have a hair trial
o Get your transport sorted
o Trial run of bridal make-up
o Book your DJ and/or band
o Choose bridesmaids dresses
o Plan seating arrangements
o Get your groomswear sorted


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