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Problem Solving With Rational
Numbers in Decimal Form
Focus on…
After this lesson, you
will be able to…
perform operations
on rational numbers
in decimal form
solve problems
involving rational
numbers in decimal
In Regina, Saskatchewan, the average mid-afternoon temperature in
Did You Know?
January is -12.6 °C. The average mid-afternoon temperature in July is
As Canada’s sunniest
26.1 °C. Estimate how much colder Regina is in January than in July.
provincial capital,
Regina averages
almost 6.5 h of
Explore Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers in
sunshine per day.
Decimal Form
That is over 2 h per
day more sunshine
Estimate the products and quotients. Explain your method.
1. a)
than St. John’s,
Newfoundland and
3.2 × 4.5
3.2 × (-4.5)
-20.9 ÷ 9.5
-20.9 ÷ (-9.5)
Labrador. St. John’s is
Calculate the products and quotients in part a). Explain your method.
the least sunny
provincial capital.
Suppose the temperature one January afternoon in Regina decreased
2. a)
by 2.6 °C every hour for 3.5 h. What was the overall temperature
change during that time?
Suppose the temperature in Regina one July afternoon increased by
9.9 °C in 5.5 h. What was the average temperature change per hour?
Refl ect and Check
How can you multiply and divide rational numbers in decimal form?
Create a problem that can be solved using the multiplication or division
of rational numbers. Challenge a classmate to solve it.
2.2 Problem Solving With Rational Numbers in Decimal Form • MHR


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