Distance, Rate, And Time Word Problems Math Worksheet With Answers


Distance, Rate, and Time Problems
Set 1
A boy walks 2 miles per hour. How far will he walk in 3 hours? in x hours? in y
hours? in x + 3 hours? in y – 2 hours? in x + y hours?
A travels x miles per hour. B travels 5 miles per hour less. What is B's rate? How
far does A travel in 5 hours? How far does B travel in 5 hours? What is the sum of
the distances traveled by A and B in 5 hours?
A man travels at the rate of x miles per hour. How long will it take him to travel 100
miles? 50 miles? y miles?
A man travels for 3 hours. At what rate must he travel to cover 30 miles? 150
miles? x miles? y miles? x + 2 miles?
If a man's rate of rowing in still water is S miles an hour and the current flows at the
rate of C miles an hour, express the man's rate (a) when rowing with the current, (b)
when rowing against the current.
An airplane can go 120 miles an hour in the calm. How fast can it go against a wind
blowing x miles an hour? with the wind?
A is 60 miles from B. An automobile at A starts for B at the rate of 20 miles an hour
at the same time that an automobile at B starts for A at the rate of 25 miles an hour.
How long will it be before the automobiles meet?
Two automobiles are 276 miles apart and start at the same time to travel toward
each other. They travel at rates differing by 5 miles per hour. If they meet after 6
hours, find the rate of each.
Two trains travel toward each other from points which are 195 miles apart. They
travel at rates of 25 and 40 miles an hour respectively. If they start at the same time,
how soon will they meet?
A and B start toward each other at the same time from points 150 miles apart. If A
went at the rate of 20 miles an hour, at what rate must B travel if they meet in 5
A passenger and a freight train start toward each other at the same time from two
points 300 miles apart. If the rate of the passenger train exceeds that rate of the
freight train by 15 miles per hour, and they meet after 4 hours, what must the rate of
each be?
Two automobiles started at the same time from the same point, but traveled in
opposite directions. Their rates were 25 and 35 miles per hour respectively. After
how many hours were they 180 miles apart?
Distance, Rate, Time


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