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On a 105 mile trip, a car traveled at an average speed of 45 mph for part of the trip
and then reduced the speed to 30 mph for the remainder of the trip. The trip took a
total of 2
hours. For how long did the car travel at 30 mph?
A family drove to a resort at an average speed of 30 mph and later returned over the
same road at an average speed of 50 mph. Find the distance to the resort if the
total driving time was 8 hours?
As part of his flight training, a student pilot was required to fly to an airport and then
return. The average speed to the airport was 90 mph, and the average speed
returning was 120 mph. Find the distance between the two airports if the total flying
time was 7 hours.
Running at an average rate of 8 m/s, a sprinter ran to the end of a track and then
jogged back to the starting point at an average rate of 3 m/s. The sprinter took 55 s
to run to the end of the track and jog back. Find the length of the track.
A car travelling at 48 mph overtakes a cyclist who, riding at 12 mph, has had a 3
hour had start. How far from the starting point does the car overtake the cyclist?
A jet plane traveling at 600 mph overtakes a propeller-driven plane which has had a
2 hour head start. The propeller-driven plane is traveling at 200 mph. How far from
the starting point does the jet overtake the propeller-driven plane?
Two trains 140 miles apart are approaching each other, and they will meet in 2
hours. If both were running in the same direction it would be 14 hours before the
faster train would overtake the other. What is the rate of each train?
Set 2
Two small planes start from the same point and fly in opposite directions. The first
plane is flying 25 mph slower than the second plane. In 2 h, the planes are 470 mi
apart. Find the rate of each plane.
Two cyclists start from the same point and ride in opposite directions. One cyclist
rides twice as fast as the other. In 3 h, they are 81 mi apart. Find the rate of each
A long-distance runner started on a course running at an average speed of 6 mph.
One half-hour later, a second runner began the same course at an average speed of
7 mph. How long after the second runner started will the second runner overtake
the first runner?
Distance, Rate, Time


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