Distance, Rate, And Time Word Problems Math Worksheet With Answers Page 7


At 7 A.M., two joggers start from opposite ends of an 8 mi course. One jogger is
running at a rate of 4 mph, and the other is running at a rate of 6 mph. At what time
will the joggers meet?
A truck leaves a depot at 11 A.M. and travels at a speed of 45 mph. At noon, a van
leaves the same place and travels the same route at a speed of 65 mph. At what
time does the van overtake the truck?
A hare and a tortoise are racing between two trees 150 feet apart. The tortoise has
a headstart of 30 seconds, but the hare catches up in 5 seconds. The hare then
runs all the way to the finish line, turns around, and runs back to meet the tortoise
again 10 seconds later (the hare has now run a total of 15 seconds). What is the
speed of each, assuming that they remain constant throughout the race?
Distance, Rate, Time


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