Informed Consent And Release Form - Fedex


The   U ndersigned   h ereby   g rants   t o   F edEx   C orporate   S ervices   a nd   i ts   p arent   a nd   a ffiliate   c ompanies  
(collectively   “ FedEx”)   t he   r ight   t o   r ecord,   f ilm,   p hotograph,   a udiotape   o r   h is   o r   h er   p icture,   i mage,  
likeness,   v oice,   c ommentary,   d ialog   a nd   p ersonal   i nformation   ( collectively   “ Likeness”).      
The   U ndersigned   f urther   a grees   a nd   g ives   p ermission   t o   F edEx   t o   d isplay,   p ublish,   d istribute   o r   e xhibit  
such   L ikeness   i n   c onnection   w ith   a ny   p romotional   m aterials   o r   o therwise   i n   a ll   m anner   a nd   m edia  
available   n ow   o r   i n   t he   f uture   ( hereinafter   c ollectively   r eferred   t o   a s   “ Works”),   a s   F edEx   d etermines   i n  
its   s ole   d iscretion   w ithout   l imitation,   r eservation   o r   c ompensation   t o   t he   U ndersigned.      
The   U ndersigned   h ereby   r elinquishes,   a ssigns,   c onveys   a nd   g ives   t o   F edEx   a ll   r ight,   t itle,   a nd   i nterest,  
including   c opyright,   i n   a nd   t o   t he   L ikeness   a nd   W orks   a nd   f urther   g rants   t o   F edEx   t he   r ight   t o   g ive,   s ell  
or   t ransfer   t he   o riginals,   n egatives,   r eproductions,   c opies   a nd   f acsimiles   t hereof   t o   a ny   i ndividual,  
business,   f irm,   e ntity   o r   p ublication   o r   t o   a ny   o f   t heir   a ssignees   a nd   t o   c irculate   a nd   d istribute   t he  
same   f or   a ny   a nd   a ll   p urposes   a s   d escribed   i n   t his   R elease.  
The   U ndersigned   h ereby   w aives   t he   r ight   t o   i nspect,   a pprove   o r   e dit   a ny   u se   o f   t he   L ikeness   o r   a ny  
descriptive   m aterial   u sed   i n   c onnection   t herewith   a s   d escribed   i n   t his   R elease.   FedEx   m ay   m ake  
any   a nd   a ll   c hanges,   m odifications,   r earrangements,   a dditions   o r   d eletions   i n   t he   L ikeness   w ithout  
the   u ndersigned’s   p rior   a pproval.  
The   U ndersigned   h ereby   r eleases,   d ischarges   a nd   a grees   t o   h old   h armless   F edEx,   i t’s   a gents,  
representatives,   a ssigns,   o fficers,   d irectors,   e mployees   a nd   a ny   o ther   p ersons,   e ntities   a nd   c orporations  
acting   u nder   p ermission   o r   a uthority   o f   F edEx,   i ncluding   a ny   f irm   d isplaying,   e xhibiting,   p ublishing  
and/or   d istributing   t he   f inished   t ext,   b roadcast,   r ecording   o r   r eproduction   o f   t he   L ikeness   a nd/or  
Works,   i n   w hole   o r   i n   p art,   f rom   a nd   a gainst   a ny   l iability   a s   a   r esult   o f   a ny   u se,   d istortion,   b lurring   o r  
alteration,   o ptical   i llusion   o r   u se   i n   c omposite   f orm,   e ither   i ntentionally   o r   o therwise,   t hat   m ay   o ccur   o r  
be   p roduced   i n   s uch   a ctivities   o r   i n   t he   t aking,   p rocessing,   r eproduction   o r   u se   o f   t he   L ikeness   a nd/or  
Works,   a nd   t he   p ublication,   b roadcast,   u se   o r   d istribution   o f   t he   s ame   a s   d escribed   i n   t his   R elease,   e ven  
should   s ame   s ubject   t he   U ndersigned   t o   r idicule,   s candal,   r eproach,   s corn   o r   i ndignity.  
This   I nformed   C onsent   a nd   R elease   i s   m ade   o n   b ehalf   o f   t he   U ndersigned   a nd   t heir   h eirs,   e xecutors,  
successors,   a dministrators   a nd   a ssigns,   a nd   i s   t o   b e   g overned   b y   t he   l aws   o f   t he   S tate   o f   T ennessee.  
The   u ndersigned   h ereby   r epresents   a nd   c ertifies   t hat   h e   o r   s he   h as   r ead   t he   f oregoing   a nd   f ully  
understands   t he   m eaning   a nd   e ffect   t hereof,   i s   a bove   t he   a ge   o f   2 1   a nd   i ntending   t o   b e   l egally  
bound,   e xecutes   t his   r elease   f or   t he   p urposes   s tated   h ere   t his      
day   o f       _,   2 0     .  
Name   ( Please   P rint):  


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