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Telephone Reference Check Form
Reference checks are a critical part of the hiring process. A well-executed reference check allows you to
double-check information contained in the application including dates of hire, salary, reason for
leaving, etc. Additionally it allows the organization to determine whether there is a good match
between the responsibilities of the position and the previous responsibilities and accomplishments of
the candidate.
Do not fail to complete a minimum of two reference checks on each potential new hire, speaking only
with previous supervisors as those individuals are the only people who have the perspective to help you
understand whether you have a good match.
Please note that this information was correct as of the date it was placed on Sikich LLP’s website.
While we will make a good faith effort to keep the information current, it is the responsibility of users of
this section to ensure that they are viewing the most updated information. There is no guarantee of
applicability in your state and local and state guidelines/laws should be considered. We cannot be
responsible for actions based on outdated information. Remember that you can always call to verify
current information.


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