Teacher Evaluation Form For Applicants To Grades 1-5 - Puget Sound Independent Schools


Mail Completed Form To:
Teacher Evaluation Form
The Perkins School
for Applicants to Grades 1-5
9005 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115
Recognizing that completing this form is not
Applicant’s Name:
part of your official duties, our schools greatly
appreciate your helping the applicant by
Current School:
Current Grade:
supplying the information requested. Please
Person(s) Completing this Form:
note that the information you submit will
be confidential, will not be shared with the
student and family, and will not become
part of the student’s permanent school
How long have you known this student and in what capacity?
records. In order to establish and honor
confidentiality, please send this form directly
to the schools requested.
What are the first few words that come to mind to describe this student?
area of
area of
Social Development
Exhibits empathy toward peers
Respects individual differences
Cooperates in work and play
Resolves differences appropriately
Demonstrates ability to lead
Demonstrates ability to follow
Persists with difficult tasks
Helps out willingly
Accepts reponsibility for behavior
Observes class and school expectations
Makes transitions smoothly
Exhibits sense of humor
Displays stamina and resilience
area of
area of
Physical Development
Small muscle control and development
Large muscle control and development
Speech and articulation
area of
area of
Academic Development
Phonics and word attack skills
Reading comprehension
Independent reading
Expresses ideas well verbally
Expresses ideas well in writing
Math facts
Math concepts
Application of mathematics


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