Vacation In A Camp Packing List


Packing List
It is important from the standpoint of health and cleanliness that campers have sufficient and
appropriate clothing. The following packing list is designed to provide the camper with a
suggested two-week supply of washable clothing. At camp, a child gives clothes harder
wear than in the city. And often in a cabin, items can go missing.
We recommend that you do not send expensive articles of clothing to camp.
Please remember that when it rains at camp, the camp roads can become muddy and filled with
puddles. It is therefore critical that your child bring waterproof rainwear. Boots are strongly
Sun Protection: Due to the dangers involved with exposure to the sun, it is important that
your child wear a hat as well as effective sunscreen during outdoor activities. Please make
certain that your child has a hat suitable for active play, an ample supply of sunscreen, and a
water bottle. (Please note that water guns are prohibited and will be confiscated.)
•Talit and tefillin (mandatory for boys 13
•2-3 blankets
years and older, optional for others)
•1 sleeping bag
•4 kippot (mandatory for boys, optional for
•4 sheets (2 fitted sheets)
•2-3 pillow cases
•1 pillow
•4 long-sleeve T-shirts
•8 short-sleeved T-shirts
•6 shorts - (Girls length of shorts should be
•7-8 towels (beach/shower)
mid thigh or longer)
•2 face cloths
•2 pairs of jeans
•laundry bag will be supplied by the camp
•4 pairs of sweatpants
•1 brush & comb
•4 light sweaters/sweatshirts
•2 bars of soap (soap container)
•15 pairs of underwear
•toothbrush, toothpaste
•15 pairs of socks
•shampoo, Kleenex, deodorant
•3 pairs of pajamas
•sunscreen lotion (minimum SPF 30)
•4 bathing suits - (Girls – one-piece or
Recommend spray sunscreen
•insect repellent
•2 sun hats
•1 toilet bag or pail
•1 raincoat with hat or hood
•1 bathrobe
•Letter writing material (paper, pencils)
•1 pair of rain boots
•Canadian stamps, envelopes (self-
•1 pair of slippers
addressed are helpful) – Stamps will be
•1 pair of shower/beach shoes
available from the camp office for the
•2 pairs of shoes (running or
standard postage cost
•Musical instruments
•Appropriate Shabbat clothing
•Inexpensive camera
•Boys - Polo/Button down Shirts and Khakis
•Books, cards, portable games, chess
•Girls - Dress, Skirt or nice pants (dress and
•Athletic equipment (balls, baseball gloves,
skirt mid thigh or longer for Shabbat);
tennis racquets, etc.)
•Flashlight and batteries
• Water Bottle
Laundry is provided to all campers weekly and returned within 24 hours.
Maximum of 2 pieces of luggage. No trunks allowed.


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