Sample Letter Of Agreement Template


Sample Letter of Agreement
Sarah Goodauthor
1234 Main St.
Boise, Idaho 83702
Dear Ms. Goodauthor,
It was a true pleasure meeting with you the other day, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with
your novel, Undeniably Good Fiction . At our meeting, we discussed the need for editing of your
manuscript, specifically “light substantive editing and copyediting
of the entire manuscript.” You indicated that the novel has been
through both developmental and substantive editing, so you feel it is structurally sound. Below are the
proposed deliverables, based
on our conversation:
Content editing and copyediting (novel, approx. 80,000 words) – flat fee: $1,950. I will provide the
following deliverables in a Microsoft Word file:
Content editing, including the following:
Structural editing, including suggested areas to delete, expand upon, and move, as well as notation of
ineffective transitions between paragraphs, chapters, and ideas
Editor’s notes, including discussion of unclear passages or sections, inconsistencies, and other
Specific suggestions for improving the manuscript
Copyediting, including the following:
Formatting the manuscript for design
Editing for grammar, syntax (word order), punctuation, capitalization, parallelism, and spelling
Identifying areas that need clarification or revision
Checking for alignment with the chosen style guide (e.g., The Chicago Manual of Style )
Checking for consistency (e.g., between the table of contents and chapter/section titles, font types
and sizes, and use
of terms)
A manuscript-specific style guide, detailing nuances specific to your manuscript. This can be used as
you write and revise subsequent novels in the series. I ask that you provide any notes you have on
characters, names, terms, or any other manuscript-specific elements.
One 30-minute phone consultation to discuss any questions you have after reviewing the manuscript. It
is recommended that we schedule this phone consultation as early as possible so that the manuscript is
still fresh in my mind.
I request that half of the fee ($975) is paid up front, prior to beginning the work, with the balance ($975)
paid within 10 days after the Microsoft Word file is delivered. Should you choose to terminate the project
at any time and for any reason, as the editor, I will be entitled to full payment for all the time invested to
that point.


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