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Male Measurement Instructions
1. Age- number of years in existence.
Please use Earth years.
2. Height- how low you are to the ground.
3. Weight- your honest weight. Please use Earth lbs.
4. T-shirt size- the size of your standard teenage
5. Chest- measure around fullest part of chest.
Have arms down and tape parallel to oor.
6. Waist- measure around middle of torso at
narrowest point (at your belly button
NOT where you wear your pants).
7. Inseam- measure from crotch to bottom of
ankle bone.
8. Neck- measure around middle of head support.
9. Sleeve length- rest hand on the side of hip with
elbow bent. Measure from base of neck,
past the shoulder, around the elbow, to wrist
bone from the back.
10. Dress shirt size- the size of those things with
buttons on the front.
11. Head- measure around brain just above ears.
12. Shoe size- the size of those things you
wear on your feet.


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