Directions For Endangered Animal Report


Name: ________________________
Assigned Animal: _________________________________________
Due Date: _______________________
Directions for
Create a Poster about your endangered animal. Include all of the information from the
outline below. Each numbered section of the outline should be written in paragraph form,
with complete sentences. (There are 7 numbered sections to the outline, so you should
have 7 paragraphs). Remember that it needs to be written in your own words. Make sure
to include the additional items listed at the end of the outline. Your poster should not
measure larger than 2x3 feet. The poster should be single sided. There will be a sample
poster displayed in the classroom if you have any questions.
1. Description
A. What does your animal look like?
B. What is its size?
C. Name some interesting characteristics about your animal?
D. In which class does your animal belong?
2. Habitat
A. Where in the world is your animal found? (Be Specific)
B. Describe its habitat.
C. What is the climate like where your animal lives?
D. Is your animal’s habitat in any danger? Why?
3. Food
A. What does your animal eat?
B. Where does it find its food?
C. How does it find or catch its food?
D. Is your animal the prey of any other animal?
E. Does your animal hunt in a pack?


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