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Pronouns and Agreement
Use the guidelines provided to complete the activities.
Complete the following sentences by circling the correct pronoun. Check
your work with a partner and discuss how you made your choices.
1. Everybody wants to speak about (their, his or her) own project at the fair.
2. Colleen and (I, me) want to show our artwork at the fair, too.
3. Each project has (their, its) own point of view about history.
4. Most of the projects (has, have) never been exhibited before.
5. Anybody from the class (is, are) allowed to go and spend the day.
Complete the following sentences by circling the correct verb.
6. Everyone in the class (are, is) participating in the fair.
7. Some of them (has, have) more than one event to attend.
8. Most of the projects (is, are) on display for the whole week.
9. My classmates and teacher (feel, feels) every excited to be part of it.
10. Each of the participants (earns, earn) a certificate.
Write a story using ten pronouns. Give your story to a partner and have
him or her circle the pronouns. Discuss your stories and your pronoun


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