Post Surgical Care And Instruction


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Thank you for spaying/neutering your pets! Although it is a common procedure recommended for all animals, please
remember that your pet has just gone through SURGERY and he/she needs proper care to recover, including a clean,
warm, and dry place to recovery indoors. Your pet may act a little disoriented or “drunk” for up to 48 hours after the
surgery. All pets react different to anesthesia and surgery. This is normal and you should see a gradual improvement.
Please pay attention to the following instructions carefully:
NO FOOD OR WATER until the time specified. Feed small amounts at first. But don’t worry if your pet doesn’t eat the
night of surgery. It is recommended not to feed 12 hours post surgery.
Specified Time:
Small amounts of water tonight, Eat and drink as normal tomorrow.
Eat and Drink as normal when they get home.
PAIN MEDICATION. There is some minor discomfort after the surgery but no pain. Any oral or topical medicine not
prescribed by a doctor is dangerous to your pet! Aspirin can be given to dogs at a dose of childrens aspirin for toy to
small breeds. Medium to large breeds can be given 1 adult aspirin every 12 hours. Giant breeds 2 Aspirin every 12
hours. Cats should not be given aspirin unless prescribe by the veterinarian and then only one time. Do NOT give
Tylenol, Ibuprofen.
If you elect any of the post op pain management options please follow the directions given below and disregard any of the
above information.
One Time Injection (Ketofen injection): Given on ________ at _______. Do not give any other medication until the
injection has worn off which lasts 24 hours.
Pills (Tramadol 50mg): Give _____ tablet(s) twice daily as needed for pain. Start __________________
Other Medication: For any dental work and some surgeries your pet will need to be on antibiotics. Please give all the
medication with the following directions and until gone.
Medication: ______________ Directions: ____________________________ Start the medication: _____________
DISCOURAGE LICKING at the incision site!! Licking or chewing might lead to an infection or cause the incision to
open. If this happens re stitching is not possible without going thru another surgery and re opening the incision.
There are multiple layers of sutures with any surgery. The best way to discourage licking is to find your pet something
else to do such as give them a rawhide, or take them outside.
NO CLAY CAT LITTER for declawing. Use SHREDDED PAPER, or the clumping type litter, for at least one week.
Litter dust can get trapped in the incision site and cause an infection.
JUMPING, PLAYING RESTRICTED or strenuous activity for 2 to 3 days, as it can cause sutures to reopen. Most
times your pet will restrict himself. Overly active pets should be confined for at least 12 hours.
NO BATHING or SWIMMING for at least 5 to 7 days. Water can get into the sutures and cause an infection.
Sometimes we use a surgical vet skin glue that will dissolve on it’s own. This is usually done in cat neuters and
spays, and on dog neuters. There is a layer of internal stitching under the glue.
Should be performed in 10 days post opt. Call to make an appointment.
Next appointment: _____________________________________________________________________
Check the incision daily to ensure that the surgery site is clean and healing well. Peroxide with cotton balls or a
cloth with warm water can release any build up of hair and old blood with gentle wiping to keep the area clean.


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