Vale Middle School Reading Article


Vale Middle School Reading Article
Sneaky Reasons You Get Zits
Questions: Answer in COMPLETE SENTENCES unless otherwise instructed. Lists and charts are the
exception and may be answered in phrases.
Read the following article carefully and make notes in the margin as you read.
Your notes should include:
o Comments that show that you understand the article. (A summary or statement of the main
idea of important sections may serve this purpose.)
o Questions you have that show what you are wondering about as you read.
o Notes that differentiate between fact and opinion.
o Observations about how the writer’s strategies (organization, word choice, perspective,
support) and choices affect the article.
Your margin notes are part of your score for this assessment.
Student _________________________________Class Period______________________
Notes on my thoughts,
Sneaky Reasons You Get Zits
reactions and questions as I
Got acne or even just the occasional zit? Yeah, I'm with ya. Or at least I was,
until I sat down with a few dermatologists to pin down all the many, many
reasons I was breaking out. The shocker: I was doing sooo many things wrong,
and I don't think I'm alone. So I figured I should share their top sneaky causes
of acne so we can all have clear skin. No need to thank me.
But first, a random zit fact: did you know that acne-prone people are born with
about four to five times more skin cells than the average person?! Crazy,right?
Sneaky Acne Cause No. 1: Pressure (literally)
Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban says there is -- get this -- pressure-induced
acne. So if you're constantly talking on your cell phone, playing violin, resting
your hand on your chin, you're giving your skin a double whammy. One, most of
those surfaces are covered in bacteria. And two, the actual pressure of those
things on your face can cause acne.
Sneaky Acne Cause No. 2: Pressure (figuratively)
You already know that stress can get your heart racing and your stomach
churning, but did you know that it also increases hormones that can cause
breakouts? While you can't realistically knock all the stress out of your life (ha,
wouldn't that be nice?), you can try to relax and minimize the drama. Say it with
me now, ohmmmmm ...
Sneaky Acne Cause No. 3: Your Pillowcase or Towel
This is a multi-dimensional problem. One, your face lies on your pillowcase for
hours at a time, and if it's not clean you're basically pressing a bunch of dead
skin and bacteria onto your skin (lovely). Same deal with your towel -- your skin


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