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Recommendation Request Form
(You may photocopy this form if necessary)
Harvard Law School Graduate Program •
Massachusetts Avenue • Cambridge, Massachusetts
Please complete the first part of this form and give it to your recommender together with one of the “Recommendation” envelopes
provided with this application (or provide one of your own), addressed to you. Ask your recommender to return the recommenda-
tion letter (together with this form) to you in the envelope, which must be sealed and signed across the seal (back flap) by the
recommender. Do NOT open. Submit the sealed recommendation with your other application materials. Your recommender may
also mail the letter directly to the Graduate Program at the address above.
: Recommendations must be written solely by the recommender. If your recommender cannot provide a letter in
English, please ask him/her to provide a letter in his/her own language; if possible, you should then include a certified translation
into English done by a qualified translator (other than yourself). (See p. A- for detailed instructions on certified translations.)
Under NO circumstances should an applicant prepare or review a letter of recommendation. We reserve the right to disqualify the
application of a candiate who has played any role in writing (or translating) a recommendation letter.
Name of applicant:
Surname (family name)
Given ( rst) name
Middle name
Name and title of recommender:
I authorize the person named above to provide a candid evaluation and all relevant information to Harvard Law School.
I understand that U.S. legislation provides me with a right of access to this recommendation, that I may waive such access, and that
no school or person can require me to waive this right.
(Applicant: Check
one box)
I agree to waive my right to see this recommendation.
I do not agree to waive my right to see this recommendation.
Signature of applicant:
The applicant named above has applied for admission to the Harvard Law School Graduate Program and by giving this form to
you is requesting a letter of recommendation.
Each year the Graduate Program receives applications from many well-qualified applicants but can admit only a small percentage.
Your letter can be very helpful to us in selecting the best candidates from this talented pool.
We are most interested in learning about the applicant’s intellectual strengths and weaknesses, maturity, and character, and what dis-
tinguishes this applicant from other strong candidates. Comparisons of the applicant with other promising contemporaries, especially
with students or graduates of Harvard Law School whom you may know, will be especially helpful. We would also appreciate informa-
tion, where available, about the applicant’s career aspirations and your evaluation of his/her capacity to attain them.
Please make your letter as detailed and frank as possible. Letters that state conclusions without providing specific examples are of lim-
ited use. If you are recommending more than one person for graduate studies at Harvard, we would like to know how you compare them.
Please feel free to use the reverse side of this form, or attach your letter (preferably on your own letterhead stationery) to this form.
Important: Please give your recommendation and this form to the applicant in the envelope provided, after sealing and signing
the back flap of the envelope. The recommendation will be submitted unopened by the candidate along with his/her application. If
you prefer, you may mail your recommendation and this form directly to the Graduate Program at the above address. Your prompt
reply would be appreciated, since a decision on this application will normally be deferred until your letter is received. Thank you!
Signature of recommender:
Name and title:
(please type or print clearly)
Telephone number (and/or e-mail address):


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