A Letter Of Recommendation Request From Occoneechee Council


A Letter of Recommendation Request
Complete for each reference
from Occoneechee Council, BSA
On Behalf of Eagle Scout Candidate
(Eagle Scout Candidate’s Name)
This Eagle candidate has designated you as his:
Religious reference
Educational reference
Employer reference
Other _____________
Each Eagle Scout candidate must demonstrate that he lives by the Scout Oath and Scout Law in his daily
life. He does this by securing a letter of character reference from persons who know him well. This
candidate respectfully asks that you write a letter of recommendation on his behalf. Here are some
suggested areas of evaluation:
1) Living and practicing the values of the Scout Oath
9) Attitude towards helping others
and Scout Law at home, school, job, religious
10) Attitude towards duly constituted authority
organization, or wherever he is.
11) Effectiveness in working with adults
2) Attitudes towards duty and responsibility to God
12) Thrift and planning in managing his funds
3) Attendance at meetings he bears responsibility for
13) Ability to handle an emergency with calmness,
4) Reliability in meeting commitments he makes
confidence, knowledge and ability.
5) General scholastic ability and record
14) Community involvement outside of Scouting.
6) Effectiveness of leadership in his activities
15) Extent and faithfulness of his religious obligations.
7) Respect for others’ rights, property, and convictions.
16) Exemplary personal achievements, honors, awards or
8) Effectiveness in working with other youth.
Comment on any of which you have personal knowledge. Feel free to mention other areas not listed to
further reveal the character and ability of this Eagle Scout candidate. It is best if your remarks are brief,
objective and to the point. Clear examples of events that demonstrate the candidate’s character and ability are
very effective. Your personal recommendation is earnestly sought if you can give it without reservation.
Please mail your letter directly to the address below:
Chairman of the Eagle Board of Review for (candidate’s name)
Eagle Scout Service Desk
Occoneechee Council, BSA
P.O. Box 41229
Raleigh, NC 27629-1229
The Boy Scouts of America requires that the contents of your letter remain confidential. Only the
Council Eagle Service Desk and members of the candidate’s Board of Review will see the letter. We will
not share your letter with the candidate. We ask that you maintain the same degree of confidentiality.
Your letter will be destroyed after the National Office makes its final determination regarding this candidate.
Your letter is needed to complete this Scout’s Eagle application and to schedule his Eagle Board of
Review. Your promptness in responding to this request will be greatly appreciated. Should you have
questions, please contact the Occoneechee Council Eagle Service Desk at telephone 1-800-662-7102
(Raleigh 872-4884). Thank you for your cooperation and prompt response.
The Occoneechee Council Advancement Committee
On my honor, I will do my best,
A Scout is …
Be prepared.
To do my duty to God and my country
loyal helpful
and to obey the Scout Law;
courteous kind
To help other people at all times;
cheerful thrifty
Do a good turn daily.
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake and morally straight.


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