Release Form For Uil Contests


Student’s name
Current School
Subject to the other sections of the UIL Constitution & Contest Rules and state law, an individual is eligible to participate in a League
varsity contest as a representative of a participant school if that individual:
a. is not a high school graduate (see Section 402);
b. is a full-time, day student in the participant high school the student represents (see Section 403, academic exception, Section
906 and Official Interpretations #24-26, Appendix I);
c. has been in regular attendance at the participant school since the sixth class day of the present school year or has been in en-
rolled and in regular attendance for 15 or more calendar days before the contest or competition (student becomes eligible on the
fifteenth day) (see Section 404 and Official Interpretation #3, Appendix 1);
d. is in compliance with rules of the State Board of Education; (see Section 401) and state law regarding credit requirements and
grades (the school shall verify a student’s grades on the basis of the official grade report and independently of involvement by the
e. has the required number of credits for eligibility during the first six weeks of school (see Section 409);
f. is enrolled in a four year, normal program of high school courses (see Section 405);
g. initially enrolled in the ninth grade not more than four years ago nor in the tenth grade not more than three years ago (see Sec-
tion 405);
h. was not recruited (see Section 5 and Section 406);
i. is not in violation of the Awards Rules (see Sections 480 through 482).
I hereby give my consent for the above student to compete in University Interscholastic League-approved academic contest(s) and
travel with the coach or other representative of the school on any trips.
I hereby release and discharge the school, the University Interscholastic League, and the University of Texas at Austin, its officers
and employees against loss, damage or expense from any and all claims, demands, actions or causes of action that may at any time be
made or brought against any or all of said parties because of an accident or occurrences while said participant is en route to or from,
or participating in a UIL contest.
If, in the judgment of any representative of the school, the above student needs immediate care and treatment as a result of any injury
or sickness, I do hereby request, authorize and consent to such care and treatment as may be given to said student by any physician,
trainer, nurse, hospital or school representative; and I do hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless the school and any school
representative from any claim by any person whomsoever on account of such care and treatment of said student.
Signature of parent or guardian _________________________________________________________________________
Insurance Company
Policy Number ________________________
Street Address _______________________________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip _______________________________________________________________________________________
Home area code & telephone number ____________________________________________________________________
Business telephone ___________________________________________________________________________________
Cell telephone number
Date _______________________


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