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Report Control Symbol
B12D NAICS Code __________
B12E Name or Description ______________________________________________________
B12F EPA-Designated Product(s) _____ (A) EPA-Designated Product(s) with Minimum
Recovered Material Content; (B) FAR 23.405(c)(1) Justification; (C) FAR 23.405(c)(2)
Justification; (D) FAR 23.405(c)(3) Justification; or (E) No EPA-Designated Product(s)
B12G Recovered Material Clauses _____ (A) FAR 52.223-4; or (B) FAR 52.223-4 and FAR
Kind of Action
B13A Contract or Order ____ (1) Letter Contract; (3) Definitive Contract; (4) Order under an
Agreement; (5) Order under Indefinite-Delivery Contract; (6) Order under Federal
Schedule; (7) BPA Order under Federal Schedule; (8) Order from UNICOR or JWOD; or
(9) Award under FAR Part 13
B13B Type of Indefinite-Delivery Contract ____ (A) Requirements Contract (FAR 52.216-21);
(B) Indefinite-Quantity Contract (FAR 52.216-22); or (C) Definite-Quantity Contract
(FAR 52.216-20)
B13C Multiple or Single Award Indefinite-Delivery Contract ____ (M) Multiple Award; or (S)
Single Award
B13D Modification ____ (A) Additional Work (new agreement); (B) Additional Work (other);
(C) Funding Action; (D) Change Order; (E) Termination for Default; (F) Termination for
Convenience; (G) Cancellation; (H) Exercise of an Option; or (J) Definitization
B13E Multiple Award Contract Fair Opportunity _____ (A) Fair Opportunity Process; (B)
Urgency;(C) One/Unique Source; (D) Follow-On Contract; or (E) Minimum Guarantee
B13F Indefinite-Delivery Contract Use ____ (A) Government-Wide; (B) DoD-Wide; (C) DoD
Department or Agency Only; or (D) Contracting Office Only
B13G Indefinite-Delivery Contract Ordering Period Ending Date (yyyymmdd) _____________
CICA Applicability _____ (A) Pre-CICA; (B) CICA Applicable; (C) Simplified
Acquisition Procedures Other than FAR Subpart 13.5; or (D) Simplified Acquisition
Procedures Pursuant to FAR Subpart 13.5
Information Technology Products or Services ____(A) Commercially Available Off- the-
Shelf Item; (B) Other Commercial Item of Supply; (C) Nondevelopmental Item Other
than Commercial Item; (D) Other Noncommercial Item of Supply; (E) Commercial
Service; or (F) Noncommercial Service.
Clinger-Cohen Act Planning Compliance ____ (Y) Yes; or (N) No
Do not complete Part C if Line B5B is coded Y.
Synopsis _____ (A) Synopsis Only; (B) Combined Synopsis/Solicitation; or (N) Not
Reason Not Synopsized ____ (A) Urgency; (B) FAR 5.202(a)(13); (C) SBA/OFPP Pilot
Program; or (Z) Other Reason
Extent Competed ____ (A) Competed Action; (B) Not Available for Competition; (C)
Follow-On to Competed Action; or (D) Not Competed
Sea Transportation ____ (Y) Yes - Positive Response to DFARS 252.247-7022 or
252.212-7000(c)(2); (N) No - Negative Response to DFARS 252.247-7022 or 252.212-
7000(c)(2); or (U) Unknown - No Response or Provision Not Included in Solicitation
DD FORM 350, OCT 2003


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