Individual Genealogy Research Form


Individual Genealogy Research Form:
First & Last Name:___________________________
Census Observations:
Census year ________
City & State:______________________________
This worksheet is designed to help you get started
researching your genealogy for free. In just a few
Country of birth:___________________________
minutes you can be searching and finding new
insightful information.
Other household members:__________________
To begin, think of a person to research and consider
a few basic questions.
When were they born? Did they have a big or small
family? Did they live in a house, an apartment or on
a farm?
Were they born in America or did they
Other insights:____________________________
immigrate to USA? How did they make a living? Was
English their native language?
Searching publicly available census records can
answer these and many other questions. The United
States Federal census is conducted every 10 years
and the most recent year that is publicly available in
Vital Records:
Location & Date
1940. Other available State and Federal censuses go
back as far as the 1700’s.
Death:___________________________ age:____
Our “get-started census” page contains links to
several census databases and in just a few minutes
Marriage:_________________________ age:____
and a few clicks you can be seeing some search
results at no cost.
If this is your first census search it may be helpful to
start with the 1940 census via
which is the first link on our get-started page. Links
to earlier years are also provided.
Level of Education:________________________
If you need a little more assistance, a fully detailed
step by step example of a search can be found at:
Military Service:____________________________
Wish you all the best luck in your research.


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