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Monica Makiewicz, Ph. D.
July 2014
Dear Seniors and Parents,
In order to assist you in funding your post-high school educational career, we would like to let you know
that we will electronically submit your student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) Verification Form to a
secure website: the California Student Aid Commission for Cal Grant awards. Cal Grant is a financial
aid program administrated by the California Student Aid Commission that provides financial aid to
students who will attend a college/vocational school in California, have a minimum 2.0 GPA, and meet
parent income requirements. For this process we are required to release your student’s unweighted
grade point average (GPA) along with his/her name, birth date, gender, address and zip code. The
unweighted GPA is a grade point average calculated on courses taken in grades 10 and 11, excluding
Physical Education with no extra point awarded for Advanced Placement/Honors classes.
As a Cal Grant applicant, you must the file Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) between
January 1, 2015 and March 2, 2015. This aid is available to qualifying students and can be applied to
tuition, room and board, or books and other supplies. Visit
to apply. Only students who
have a Social Security Number and who are US Citizens or US Residents may apply for the FAFSA.
We will be hosting a FAFSA workshop. More information and dates will be posted on our school’s
If you have any questions, contact your child’s counselor at your alpha center at (818) 242-3161.
GHS Counselors
Tear off
If you DO NOT want your student’s GPA and the other information to be released to California
Student Aid Commission, complete and return the slip below by September 3, 2014 to your
student center.
Student’s Name: _________________________________________ Student’s ID: ___________________
I DO NOT want my child’s GPA and the other information to be released to California Student Aid
Parent Signature __________________________________ Date: ____________________________
Revised 6/19/14


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