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Resident Classifi cation Request
Gateway Student Services Center
Founders Hall, Suite 100
700 East Seventh Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55106-5000
Phone: 651-793-1300
Who needs to use this form?
Important Notes
How to Submit
Undergraduate and graduate students who are
Some information requested on this form
Be sure to include all requested documen-
being charged out-of-state tuition, and wish to
is classifi ed as private. You are not legally
tation necessary to process your request.
be considered for in-state tuition.
required to provide the information, but
• Your name must be visibly printed on all
failure to do so will prevent your request from
documentation provided.
This form is not for use by international
being considered.
Submit this form in person or by mail to
the Gateway Student Services Center.
• You will be notifi ed by e-mail with the
result of your request.
Student Information
Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Metropolitan State student ID: ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
Metropolitan State e-mail address: __________________________________
Phone (with area code): (H) (____)_____-_______________ (W) (____)____-_______________ (C) (____)_____-_______________
Residence(s) over the past 12 months (include address and begin/end dates of residency for each location):
Begin Date / End Date
ided in Minnesota for at least the past 12 months AND during that time NOT been in the state solely or primarily
Have you res
 Yes  No
for the purposes of attending a college or university?
If No:
If Yes:
Attach at least one form of supporting documentation from the list below
Review the conditions on the second page by which a non-
that verifi es your physical presence in Minnesota for the past 12 months.
resident can receive the in-state tuition rate. Write your initials
Acceptable documentation includes:
on the line before the condition that applies to your
MN driver’s license
MN lease agreement
MN automobile registration
MN voter registration
Deed to a home in MN
Purchase agreement for a home in MN
MN income tax return (for previous year)
Notarized letter from a MN resident verifying that you have resided with them for the past 12 months. If you choose this option, include a
letter explaining your reasons for residing in MN.
Contact the Gateway Student Services Center
Certifi cation Area
All information provided in support of this appeal is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I will be liable for unpaid
tuition from resident classifi cation by means of false statements, false documentation, or concealment of facts.
Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________
Date: ____ / ____ / ______
Offi ce Use Only
 Yes  No
Residency Request Approved:
Processed By: ___________________________________________________________________
Date: ____ / ____ / ______
An equal opportunity educator and employer
Last updated 06/2011
Member of the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities (MnSCU) system


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