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Renters Rebate – 2016 Applications
The Senior, Adult & Family Services Division of the Town of
Manchester begins completing applications for the State of Connecticut
Renter’s Rebate Program starting April 1st and continuing to
October 1st, 2016. This program provides a one time yearly payment to
renters based on income, rent and utilities that were paid from the
previous year (2015). Applicants must be 65 or over by 12/31/15 or be
permanently and totally disabled as defined by Social Security and at
least 18 years of age by 12/31/15. The income limits (including Social
Security) are as follows:
Qualifying Income Limit
Single - $35,200
Married - $42,900
To make an appointment to apply, please call 860-647-3096.
We are located at 479 Main Street in the Weiss Building.
• Proof of all income for the year 2015, including all 1099’s
for: Social Security, Pensions, and Interest Earned
• Your 2015 Income Tax – if you filed one
• Proof of Rent you paid in 2015 – these can be in the form
of rent receipts, cancelled checks, letter from your landlord
with contact information or a statement from the rental
office. (a lease does not verify proof of payments made)
• Proof of utilities paid in 2015 (including CL&P, CNG or
oil company receipts (we can assist with a payment history
from CL&P if you provide the account #)
• Proof of water paid in 2015 if you pay a water bill


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