Designated E-Mail Address For Official Esc Communications And Electronic Pay Stubs


2080 Citygate Drive • Columbus, OH 43219
p: 614.445.3750
f: 614.445.3767
Designated E-mail Address for Official ESC
Communications and Electronic Pay Stubs
The ESC allows employees to designate the e-mail address where they would like to receive
communications from the ESC and electronic pay stubs (e-stubs). Employees that would like to
use an e-mail account other than their ESCCO e-mail address, must complete this form, sign, and
return it to Human Resources.
Please note that the e-mail address must be that used in the school district or agency where the
employee is placed, not a personal account such as or . Please update the
information on this form to ensure that you will receive ESC communications and designate
whether you would also like your electronic pay stubs sent to the same address.
Work Location: ______________________________________________________
Please provide either the employee ID or the last four digits of your social security number.
Employee ID: ______________
Last four digits of the Social Security Number: _______
School district/agency phone number: _________________________________________
School district/agency e-mail address : ________________________________________
Cell phone number: ______________________________________________________
Note: Cell phone numbers will not be printed in any directory, but may be used by ESC staff or
administrators to contact employees for payroll or other work-related questions.
Would you like your e-stubs (electronic pay stubs) to be sent to this address?
By signing this form, the employee agrees with the following statements:
The ESC is not liable for the e-mail or the e-stub once it leaves the ESC e-mail server (is
sent to an e-mail address not ending in .) E-mail messages sent outside the ESC
domain are no longer secure and may be intercepted in transmission.
The employee is responsible for completing a new form when the e-mail address changes.
The employee is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on this form.
Please make sure the e-mail address
is not blocked by your spam filter.
Date: ___________
Return to ESC Office of Human Resources, fax 614.445.3767
Office User Only – Routing
_______________ (Initial and date) Human Resources
_______________ (Initial and date) Payroll/Business Services


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