Schengen Visa Checklist - Visit Family Or Friends In Denmark


SCHENGEN VISA –Visit Family or Friends in Denmark
NAME OF APPLICANT:___________________________________________________DATE:__/__/__
Last name
First name
Please print 2 copies of this form, prepare 2 different sets – 1 set for original documents and 1 set for photocopies.
Check the boxes to confirm which documents you have submitted and arrange according to the list.
Check-list/Questionnaire – should be answered and written by the applicant
Cover Letter (RECEIPT NUMBER) – printed from the Application Portal
Schengen Visa Application form – completely signed and filled out by the applicant
One(1) passport sized photo (3x4cm) – with white background no older than 6 months. Please glue/paste your
photo (do not staple) on the Cover letter or the Schengen Visa Application form
Original passport (ALL PAGES!) – valid for at least 3 months after departure from Schengen
Previous passports – (last 3 years) and past visas/stamps to Schengen and other countries
RNE (Registro Nacional de Estrangeiros) – valid for at least 3 months after departure from Schengen
Application Fee receipt
If currently employed - submit Certificate of Employment stating position, length of service, salary and
duration of approved leave of absence, company ID, and pay slips for the last 3 months
If self-employed - e.g. corporation - present Articles of Incorporation and proof of annual income; single
proprietorship - present Business Name Registration Certificate and latest income Tax statement
If currently a student - Certification of enrolment from the school & school ID. If applicant is going on a holiday
during summer or semestral break, submit a certification of reservation or certification of enrolment to prove
that he/she is enrolled for next school year/semester
Letter of invitation
VU2 FORM - invitation form to completed by the host in Denmark and to be submitted by the applicant upon
application. Note: VU2 Form can be downloaded from the Embassy's website
Copy of the passport of the person inviting - If not a Nordic Citizen, submit a copy of recent residence permit
Proof of Relationship - a. if visiting a relative, submit e.g. birth certificates or other documents to prove
b. if visiting a friend - submit proof of time spent together, e.g. copies of stamps in the
sponsor's passport. If the parties have spent time together outside of Brazil (e.g.
Holiday in Chile copies of both parties' passports should be submitted.
Proof of sufficient funds (if applicable) – Bank statement
Note: If VU2 form states that all expenses will be shouldered by the host, proof of sufficient funds is optional.
Roundtrip Airline Ticket Reservation
Travel Medical Insurance – should be valid for all Schengen States and cover the entire period of the person’s
intended stay or transit. The minimum coverage is 30,000 EUR
Marriage Certificate (if applicable) – not required but may strengthen the application
Birth Certificate (if applicable) – not required but may strengthen the application
Documentation of own means/properties (if applicable) – not required but may strengthen the application
e.g. land titles or car certificate of registration with official receipt
Side trips (if applicable) – hotel bookings and means of transport


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