Lit Personal Reference Form


APPLICANT’S NAME:_________________________________________
This two page form is to be completed by a responsible spiritual leader of the applicant. The
applicant is applying for the Leadership Training Course at Circle Square Ranch. This course aims at
stimulating personal growth in young people and helps prepare them for service in their community,
school, or church, using the camp model as a training ground. We greatly appreciate your cooperation
in answering the following questions FRANKLY. The information you give will be kept strictly
confidential. Please return this form DIRECTLY TO THE RANCH ADDRESS. Thank you.
1. How long have you known the applicant?___________________________________________
2. In what capacity? ___________________________________________________________
3. How well do you know the applicant?______________________________________________
4. Is the applicant living a Christian lifestyle? ________________________________________
5. To your knowledge, is the applicant discrete in all his/her relationships with the opposite sex,
according to Biblical Christian standards? _________________________________________
6. Are there any negative tendencies of which we should be aware? _______________________
7. Would you want your child placed under the care and influence of this individual?
8. How do you feel the applicant will benefit from his/her involvement in the Leadership Training
Course? ____________________________________________________________________
Your Name:_____________________________ Position/Relationship:_____________________
Phone: _______________________ Email Address (optional): ___________________________
Signature:_____________________________ Date Completed _________________________


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