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Landlord and Tenant together will go over “Move-in Checklist” for inspection at beginning and end of occupancy.
Landlord and tenant should perform “Pre-move out” inspection 7-10 days prior to actual move-out so that tenant can
correct any unsatisfactory conditions by move-out day and prior to final inspection.
Return unit to owner at end of tenancy in same condition as at beginning of tenancy!
We want to return your deposit, and we will return it if you have satisfactorily met the following conditions:
(For satisfactory conditions, no charges are made; for unsatisfactory conditions, charges will be made as
All terms of Rental Agreement have been fulfilled.
Disposable charcoal filter replaced every 6-12 months in exhaust
Charges-Any costs of re-renting the unit and/or fees charged after
breach of Lease by Tenant (s).
Charges-New filter $12
Dwelling unit will be inspected after all household effects have
All light bulbs accounted for with same watt working bulbs as
been removed & keys returned to Landlord. Inspections will be
were originally furnished.
scheduled during normal business hours unless other
Charges-$1 per bulb for each missing, non-working bulb, or
arrangements have been made with Landlord. If Tenant fails to
less than original wattage bulb; more for special-type bulbs.
meet Landlord for Move-Out Inspection, Tenant relinquishes any
No stickers, adhesives, scratches, nor holes in walls or woodwork
rights to dispute unsatisfactory areas. Move-Out Inspection
except for reasonable number of small nail holes on walls.
determines any necessary repair, replacement, restoration,
Charges-$10 per hours cleaning/restoration fee; $12-15 per
cleaning, shampooing, or other costs to be charged to Tenant.
hour for patching larger holes.
Certainly some damages may be hidden and discovered later.
Carpets professionally cleaned by firm approved in writing by
If moving at end of lease, Tenant must have given proper notice
as explained in Rental Agreement. If Tenant “holds-over” past
Charges-Total bill from carpet cleaner or if Lanlord uses own
expiration of lease or past end of month, he/she owes additional
professional equipment-20 cents per sq ft & $2 per stair plus
rent and fees.
charges for gum removal, special spotting, de-fleaing,
Charges-Additional rent owed if less than required notice was
deodorizing, etc.
given or if Tenant “holds over”.
Bath and kitchen floors scrubbed and waxed using proper
Tenant agrees that this Deposit is not intended as advance
cleaners. Use only SPONGE (not string) mops on those floors.
payment of rent, and that the full monthly rent will be paid on or
Charges-$10 per hour cleaning/restoration.
before the first of every month including the last month.
All items furnished by Landlord clean, undamaged, and
Charges-Unpaid rents, late fees, service fees, damages, cleaning,
accounted for.
judgments, legal fees, court costs, and any other unpaid
Charges-Expenses incurred to repair or replace damaged,
broken, or missing items.
All keys returned.
There may be a situation where the damage is disgusting,
Charges-Minimum of $35 per lock including installation;
unsightly, cosmetic, reduces the value byt may not actually
more if actual relocking charges exceed this.
require the expense and labor to completely replace the damaged
All debris, rubbish, garbage, and discards removed from dwelling
item at this time. The damage may not prevent not impair the use
and placed in proper receptacles ore hauled away.
of the item and may be minor enough to not adversely affect the
Charges-$25-50 minimum charge for garbage and/or items
marketability of the unit. The solution may be to charge a
left behind that Landlord must haul away.
permanent damage fee. Landlords will have to consider the age
No damage to property, furnishings, carpet, or floors beyond
of the item, the availability and costs of replacements, the
normal wear and tear. DIRT IS NOT CONSIDERED “NORMAL
seriousness of the damage and other factors. Moth of these
damages could haven prevented by a prudent tenant! Examples:
Charges-Expenses incurred to restore unit to its same
permanent stains or burns or chemical spills in an areas of: a
condition, as at beginning of occupancy so that unit is again
carpeted room where the carpet is new or in very good condition;
ready for occupancy.
a ceramic tiled floor, a sheet vinyl floor, a painted floor where the
Painted surfaces should last at least 5 years before repainting is
flooring is new or in very good condition. Permanent stains,
necessary. Damages requiring repainting prior to 5 years will be
burns, deep dents or gouges in hardwood floors; large dents,
gouges, chips, scratches, burns in appliances, bath fixtures,
Charges-hourly - $12 preparation
sinks, counter tops, doors, etc. Most all of these damages could
$15 painting plus materials
have been prevented by a prudent tenant!
Entire unit scrubbed clean-including stove, exhaust hood,
Charges-Minimum of $50-$100 per incident
refrigerator and other appliances, kitchen, bathroom, light fixtures
All utilities which are Tenant’s responsibility must remain in
and globes. Ceiling fans, cabinets, ceilings, walls, woodwork,
Tenant’s name during lease period or term of tenancy (whichever
window glass, window sills & ledges, baseboards, and doors.
is longer.) Tenant must provide paid receipt for full payment of
Refrigerator defrosted, if not self-defrost model, all as explained in
any utilities for which landlord could ultimately be held
“How to Clean Unit for Healthier Living and Easier Moving”.
Minimum Charges for Cleaning/Restoration:
Charges-Unpaid amount exceeding utility deposit
Not Defrosted-$10
Written forwarding address and/or instructions provided. Deposit
Dirty Oven-$25
refund or explanation of charges can’t be made without written
Dirty Broiler-$15
Dirty Hood $25
receipt of forwarding address.
General Cleaning-$10 per hour plus materials


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