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Lunch and Dinner
For lunch and dinner have a mix of protein, fat and carbs and lots of vegetables.
Protein: Chicken breasts or thighs, turkey, fish, even lower fat cuts of red meat or hamburger are fine just
remember a serving is about the size of the palm of your hand. Turkey bacon or turkey sausage are really
great for breakfast as well.
Fat: Nuts and avocados may be somewhat high in calories but they have heart-healthy fats and are
nutrient dense! A whole avocado is around 300 calories and you can have a handful of walnuts for about
200 calories. Oil will help you absorb the vitamins from the leafy greens in your salads, try using a tsp of
extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar on your salad next time! Most protein based food like
meat will provide you with a sufficient amount of fat.
Carbohydrates: Besides whole wheat pasta and brown rice there are some awesome grains that are easy
to use, amaranth, quinoa and bulgur wheat are among them! You can use quinoa to substitute rice in any
dish, and it doesn't take as long. Sweet potatoes, beans, and lentils are also ideal sources of carbs with
Vegetables and fruit: If you eat a variety of both your palate won't get bored and your body
will receive an amazing array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals!
The standard broccoli and carrots are great but you can also think outside the box with arugula, brussel
sprouts, artichoke, butternut squash, and leeks; the more color the better. Because of their flavor and
texture fresh fruits and vegetables are more appetizing, but frozen will do just fine!
With the intense workouts that Boot Camp offers it is also important to drink enough water.
Dehydration will slow your metabolism down substantially, negatively affect your performance, and
make you feel weak or dizzy. Every day you should drink a minimum of 2 liters, the days you work out
try to add another liter. Remember that anytime you physically feel thirsty you are already semi-
dehydrated. Hydrating before Boot Camp is key.
Weight Loss
Don't be discouraged if you aren't losing weight as fast as you'd like. When you are working out with
Boot Camp Las Vegas you are replacing fat with muscle tissue which is smaller, denser and heavier in
comparison to the same volume of fat tissue! Many times you are losing inches on your waist, thighs and
hips rather than actual pounds. That way your jeans fit better even if the scale doesn't say so. Poor sleep
patterns, high stress, smoking and eating too many processed foods can greatly disturb your hormone
balance which may slow your weight loss. Each metabolism is different but if you are burning more
calories than you consume you will lose weight. After a while if you do plateau look closely at what
you've been eating and eliminate foods that are not beneficial, try going to Boot Camp more days a week
or even going to two Boot Camps in a day.
D. Johnston
*Not for diabetics or those with food allergies.


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